Cleansing Fire - Robert Burne - Cover

Power & Pride or Love & Loyalty?


For thousands of years, the Barrier has stood unbreached between the people and the mysterious Skaji.

For thousands of years, the dark God Shango has been locked in the lost Well of Souls.

For thousands of years, The Travellers have appeared when the world needed them most.


Now, when the fate of all magic hangs in the balance, three people hold the power to change the world.

It has been five years since Marius escaped his former life as a thief, one step ahead of a noose. Since then, he found love and a family. Now, a stranger arrives at the farm, and everything he’s grown to love balances on a knife-edge.

Lori came to the Academy to learn but begins to manifest strange new powers that she doesn’t understand, and cannot control.

Triman Valina, Steward of the Academy of Light, Protector of the Barrier, and accomplished Battle Mage is powerless to stop his wife from dying unless he makes a deal with darkness.


This saga asks the simple question: What would you do to save the ones you love?

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