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Do you enjoy reading? Are you currently running out of new things to read? Then maybe beta reading is for you!

Note: This book contains some violent content and is not recommended for persons under the age of 18.

Eight-part series

This book is the second in a planned fantasy Octology (isn’t that a cool word!) series. Centrally, the book explores how far various characters would go to save and/or avenge those they love.

This theme also runs alongside the magic system which relates to the principal elements (Fire, Water, Wood, Metal, and Earth) found in Wuxing’s philosophy and adds in the additional elements of Void, Time, and Blood.

Help shape the manuscript

I’m looking for honest, critical feedback which I’ll use to guide my final revision prior to publication. Your main job as a beta reader is just to give your honest opinion about the book as you read through it. This is all done before the book goes to edit/publishing, so just remember you’re getting a draft version.

All selected beta readers will receive a digital copy of the draft manuscript in sections (usually two or three chapters) along with a feedback form. You have two weeks to read this section, after which I ask you to send back the completed form as soon as you’ve finished reading it. We ask that you try to answer each question thoroughly wherever possible.

Where do I sign up?

So, if the fantasy genre is your thing, and you’d like to apply, click the link below to submit your application!

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