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Cleansing Fire (Elements octology #1)- 95%

Heartwood (Elements octology #2)- 60%

Untitled (Elements octology #3)- 40%

Robert Burne – author

Robert Burne - AuthorRobert Burne was born in June 1982 in a dusty town in South Africa.

  As a child, Robert loved reading and would happily sit for hours in classrooms reading while teachers grew increasingly irritated.

Encounters with The Lord of the Rings and The Chronicles of Narnia entrenched Robert firmly in the fantasy world.
   He spent many beautiful afternoons tucked up in the city library, reading everything he could get his hands on.


Cleansing Fire (The Elements octology series #1)

Power & Pride or Love & Loyalty

For thousands of years, the Barrier has stood unbreached between the people and the mysterious Skaji.
  For thousands of years, the dark God Shango has been locked in the lost Well of Souls.
  For thousands of years, The Travellers have appeared when the world needed them most.

Now, when the fate of all magic hangs in the balance, three people hold the power to change the world.

This saga asks the simple question: What would you do to save the ones you love?

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Cleansing Fire - Robert Burne - Cover

Cleansing Fire

Power & Pride or Love & Loyalty?   For thousands of years, the Barrier has stood unbreached between the people and the mysterious Skaji. For thousands of years, the dark God Shango has been locked in the lost Well of

Heartwood - Robert Burne - Cover


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